Went to reread my latest unfinished draft of my horror novel only to find this.

And when I highlight, it highlights all of the broken pages but only parts. What the hell happened to my file?

I consider this further proof that I need to start again and make some major changes.



Diversity in YA’s 2014 Back to School Giveaway

It’s September, which means we’re back to business as usual here at DiYA and many of you are back to school! To celebrate the fall, we’re giving away these nine awesome new and upcoming diverse young adult books to three lucky winners.

Here’s how this will work:

1. We’ve divided these nine books into three packs of three:

Prize Pack 1: Thriller/Science Fiction

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Prize Pack 3: Nonfiction

2. We will pick three winners to receive one prize pack each. (You can tell us which prize pack you prefer in the entry form.)

3. Because of the cost of international shipping, we are only able to ship to U.S. mailing addresses. International folks may enter as long as they have a U.S. mailing address.

4. Teachers and librarians get an extra entry for free!

5. The deadline to enter is the end of the day, Sept. 19, 2014.

Enter here:

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Thank you to Arthur A. Levine Books; Cinco Puntos; Harlequin Teen; Little, Brown Books for Young Readers; and Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers for generously donating copies of these books for this giveaway.

If you haven’t yet entered DiYA’s fall giveaway, you still have time. Good luck!


Lon’qu print because…. Lon’qu n_____n

So we were at a hotel instead of Akiko’s house (which she drunkenly informed me on Thursday XD) and I came home today. I was drunk on Thursday cuz we went to the Can Can (link) in Seattle for the “Junkyard” show for her sister’s bachelorette party. So yeah, that was a first and it was AWESOME. If any of you ever visit Seattle (or live here of course), I highly recommend it.

Me: *jokingly* Welp, I’m gonna be sexually frustrated until Sunday.
Akiko: I have a bathroom if you need it.

I don’t remember what drunk me wanted to say… But I got my nails done on Friday. :D They’re dark purple and sparkly. I was going to go for pink, but my shirt for the wedding was purple so yeah.

Oh, and the wedding was a ton of fun, despite my not knowing anyone but Akiko’s parents. I hung out with her mom most of the time since she gets the same alone in a room feeling. Danced until 10PM, helped clean up, and got a little buzzed at the bar with anyone who showed up. We left after she recovered from a fireball (to avoid a hangover in the morning) and walked the two blocks back to the hotel.

And I lost a shoe on Friday… One of my favorite shoes. qq


Man who had sex with lana del rey

Vine by demi, king of trash mountain


Some Karasuno Characters + Tumblr

credits: x, x, x; inspired by: x


RWBY girls hair appreciation ♥


"Howl’s Moving Castle"-2004

So I’m almost finished with The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and I swear the word “taut” has been used like five times for five pages.

Drunk as fuck… Sexually frustrated. More tomorrow. uwub

Every time everyone kind of gangs up on Luke after Akzeriuth is destroyed, I get extremely grumpy. Especially with what Natalia, Tear, and Guy say (Natalia just because it was really a “DUH!” moment.) Like, yes he should of taken responsibility for his part in it, but at the same time, he killed a ton of people because he was deceived by a man he basically loves (looks up to and all that.) OF COURSE he’s freaking out and trying to shift the blame, guys! I’m not saying coddle him, but maybe ease up on the dickage a little?


Attempting to draw canon characters, started with Rogue. Not entirely happy yet… Mostly because everything comes out wonky. I wanted to get a mix of movieverse Rogue and the other designs from animated shows and comics, but I ended up not doing that so much. I’ll get it eventually. @_@

Also, “long” is the normal/basic hairstyle.

As a woman, I’ve slowly been written out of the phone world and the phone market. That extra “.2” inches of screen size on each upgrade simply means that I can no longer do what I enviously observe men do every day: Check messages one-handed while carrying groceries or a bag; type a quick note while on a moving bus or a train where I have to hold on not to fall.

I must put down everything in my hands and use my phone with both hands for everything.

There is no rule that says the screen size must get bigger with each upgrade in memory or capabilities, and yet it does. For most men, it’s just one small, added benefit. For many women, though it’s a reminder that the tech industry doesn’t always remember or count your existence.

Just so we are clear: I don’t want a pink phone, I don’t want “women’s applications” and I don’t want ruffles or hello kitty on my phone.

I merely want a design that acknowledges that women exist, and women often have smaller hands than men.






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No, no, you have no idea. It actually IS the beginning of the whole so-called “kawaii culture”. And it started because girls started using mechanical pencils, which provided fine handwriting. After being banished (more precisely, during the 80s), this kind of writing started being used in products like magazines and make-up. And, during this time, icons we usually associate with the whole kawaii industry (like the characters from Sanrio) came to life too.

And what many people don’t realize is that this subculture was born as a way for young girls to express themselves in their own way. And it was also used as something against the adult life and the traditional culture, often seen as dull and boring and oppressive. By embracing cuteness, these young girls (and adult women, after a while) were showing non-conformation with the current standards.

So yep. Kawaii is important, and it all started with cute, simple handwritting a few hearts and cat faces in some girls’ school notebooks <3



This is also how the kawaii fashions started! Girls began dressing in cute and off beat styles for themsleves, they were criticized by adult figures telling them “you’ll never find a husband if you dress that way!” to which they began to reply “Good!”

All the japanese subcultures and fashions that evolved out of this became a rebellion to tradition and the starch gender roles and expectations the adults were forcing on the younger generations. As early as the 70s and still to this day you’ll see an emphasis on child-like fashion and themes in more kawaii styles and the dismissal of the male gaze with styles like lolita (a lot of western people assume lolita is somehow sexual due to the name of the fashion, but ask any japanese lolita and they will tell you that men hate the style and find it unattractive which is sometimes a large reason they gravitate towards the style - they can express their femininity and individuality while remaining independent and without the pressure to appeal to men)

Its so so so important to understand the hyper cute and ‘odd’ fashions of Japanese girls carry such a huge message of feminism and reclaiming of their own lives.   

so are you telling me that Japan’s punk phase was really the kawaii phase